Make your applications profitable as quickly as possible by testing your recipes

Before investing in a new mixer, you need to validate your recipe, your process to make sure that it is feasible in the profitability and quality conditions required by your market.

SOFRADEN helps you in this decisive step by providing you with its pilot mixers. You will be able to carry out your tests with the same equipment and process as on your production lines.

With these tests, you can determine exactly:

  • whether your mixing process is operational for the intended application
  • what adaptations you need to make to your "recipe”
  • which mixer is the most appropriate for your application and what performance you can expect from it.

2 possible solutions :

On our premises: we welcome you to our premises and our technicians will assist you with your mixing tests using the same raw materials as those you will use in production.

On your premises: for logistical or confidentiality reasons, you prefer to carry out these tests in-house. In this case, we rent you our testing machines to carry out the tests in your environment with the assistance of a SOFRADEN expert

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    Type of materials :

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    Features of our machines

    Max useful
    vacuum work
    Double envelopeCIP
    SOFRAMIX 250 PREMIUM250 ltr
    MIB 058M « VI »240 ltr----
    MIB 039 « VP DRY TECH »50 ltr--
    SOFRAGIR 100100 ltr----

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