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Solid-liquid mixing

The mixing of liquids and solids has numerous industrial applications such as dissolutioncrystallizationdispersion or heat transfer operations.
This process is used in the specialty chemicals industry to disperse extenders when manufacturing adhesives, paints and some polymers but also in the cosmetics industry (toothpaste…) or the building materials industry (ready-to-use-coatings, waterproof coatings).

Our mixers for pasty and high-viscosity products

Our reactors/dispersers are the ideal tool for mixing liquids and solids. They are equipped with various counter-rotating agitation devices. Depending on the characteristics of the fluids and solids to be mixed, we determine the best combination of these devices to achieve the mixing quality required by your application.

Our agitation systems are designed to produce different types of circulation (radial, axial and tangential flow) as well as turbulence and shearing. 

Finally, in the case of applications which require heat transfer, the choice of agitation devices is just as important as the design of the vessel itself. In this case, our  reactors/disperser  are designed to ensure quick turnover of particles that come into contact with the heat exchange surfaces. Agitation devices will thus be chosen which ensure very good circulation of the fluid within the vessel, good tangential flow along the walls of the vessel as well as increased turbulence in this area.
For this type of application, we can design and supply all the skids you require: cold water, hot water, superheated water, steam…

Mixing of liquids and solids is used the following industries for example: paintspolymerscosmeticslubricantsfoodbuilding construction...

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