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Renovate to boost your production

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Renovate to boost your production

Revamping of your installation

In some cases, retrofitting of your current mixer with the aim of boosting its performance is either financially unviable or technically impossible.
The only way of significantly increasing production is then to invest in a complete new production line or replace the key equipment which includes the mixer.

SOFRADEN has considerable experience in this type of project which consists in replacing your current mixer with a new SOFRADEN mixer while limiting repercussions on the rest of the installation :

  • Production interrupted for the shortest possible time
  • Modification of equipment located upstream and downstream if need be
  • Turnkey solution which abides by our unwavering company policy: Safety is our central preoccupation at each step of the project

We have developed our "SwapMix" service to ensure that mixer replacement meets your requirements in terms of production while making the transition as smooth and as fast as possible. 

Equipment upgrade

We also provide a retrofit or modification service so as to upgrade your current mixers which no longer meet your technical requirements.

Your production line will thus be equipped with the latest technology to guarantee performance and reliability.
If your machine is very old, we will perform a complete audit to determine the work required to bring it up to standard.

Replace or upgrade your mixer
to boost your process' core.

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