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Vacuum drying

The aim of drying operations is to remove the liquid from a solid via vaporization. Evaporation temperatures and the energy required vary a great deal depending on the liquids concerned.The energy consumption required by this process can thus be significant. Furthermore, some solids may not withstand these high temperatures and their properties end up altered […]


Solid-liquid mixing

The mixing of liquids and solids has numerous industrial applications such as dissolution, crystallization, dispersion or heat transfer operations.This process is used in the specialty chemicals industry to disperse extenders when manufacturing adhesives, paints and some polymers but also in the cosmetics industry (toothpaste…) or the building materials industry (ready-to-use-coatings, waterproof coatings). Our mixers for pasty and high-viscosity products Our reactors/dispersers are the […]


Dissolver, disperser, reactor mixer for liquid and viscous products

The mixing of liquids (miscible/immiscible, low/high viscosity) has numerous industrial applications. To ensure a good quality mix, mixers are equipped with various agitation systems to produce tri-directional displacement of the fluids: radial, axial and tangential flow. Mixing miscible liquids results in homogenization and is a process used in the field of specialty chemicals (chemical reactions, heat transfer…), […]


Powders / solids mixing

The mixing of powders or granules is required for various industrial processes and must be adapted according to the properties of the raw materials used and final product specifications. “Tumbler mixers” are based on a relatively simple concept: a closed drum rotates around its axis forcing the particles to tumble over one another on the […]