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Spare parts for all our operating equipment

Spécialiste des mélangeurs industriels : Sofraden

Spare parts : for all our operating equipments

For the maintenance and repairs to be carried out on your SOFRADEN mixers, we supply spare parts that are perfectly adapted to your machine and provide you with optimum reliability/price/safety.

Genuine spare parts

Manufactured according to the same specifications as the parts used for assembly of SOFRADEN mixers during their manufacturing process, SOFRADEN genuine parts are made with high-quality materials.

Your SOFRADEN mixer is made with parts which have been designed and defined by us with the aim of maximizing safety and reliability.
Using SOFRADEN genuine parts ensures that the intrinsic qualities of your equipment are preserved and that reliability, safety and performance remain optimum.

SOFRADEN guarantees the availability of spare parts throughout the service life of its mixers.

In need of reliable parts that guarantee optimum functioning of your equipments
and production quality ?

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