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Auxialiary devices


SOFRADEN can supply different types of auxiliary skids for your mixer and your reactor/disperser:

We can also supply a complete solution comprised of the mixer, skids, piping and connections…

Our skids can be used for many industrial applications such as:

Cleaning in Place

All our batch type mixing technologies can be provided with a Clean-In-Place - CIP system.

These systems do a complete cleaning of the machine enclosure, in a full automated mode and without any needs of human action. This allows some very short cycle times, associated to reproducible results. The absence of cross-contamination between batches is the guarantee of an optimal and constant quality for your finished products.

The CIP - Clean In Place system dedicated for our "dry powders" mixers, such as our intensive mixers with blades MIB, is based on air blowing into the vessel, in order to extract all the remaining solid particles.

Combined with our full discharge door solution MIB v , this system ensures no cross contamination between batches, while having very high production rates.

For our dispersers mixers SOFRAMIX, we designed a powerful and fully automated Clean-In-Place system, to clean the vessel and the peripheral pipes.

With the choice of the best cleaning heads and of their optimal ulocation on the vessel, the various shadow areas due to agitators are canceled, and washing and rinsing cycles are carried out by minimizing the consumption of cleaning of solution.
Various configurations are possible, with some system to recycle the cleaning solution, or the warm up before use …

Side high speed choppers

Your process includes the use of complex materials such as pigments?
Our high speed lump breaker is the ideal tool to optimize dispersion of these types of particles and break up lumps so as to achieve a reproducible shade of color and a lump-free mix.
These lump breakers are very often used together with liquid spraying systems.

A variety of tools, speeds and powers are available.


Our sampling tool is ideal for laboratory testing and guarantees precise monitoring of the quality of your finished products.
The sampling system gathers a small quantity of product from the vessel of a mixer for example.

Standard version: manually activated sampling.

Option: fully automated electro-pneumatic sampling.

Certification MASE
Certificat Européen CE
Atex (Ex)

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None of thoses solutions fully match your applications ?

As well as these standard auxialiary devicesmixers, we can also design and manufacture ‘tailor-made’ solutions to meet your specific needs.

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