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Dissolver, disperser, reactor mixer for liquid and viscous products

The mixing of liquids (miscible/immiscible, low/high viscosity) has numerous industrial applications.

To ensure a good quality mix, mixers are equipped with various agitation systems to produce tri-directional displacement of the fluids: radial, axial and tangential flow.

Mixing miscible liquids results in homogenization and is a process used in the field of specialty chemicals (chemical reactions, heat transfer…), in the cosmetics industry (lotions, shampoos…) or food industry (drinks…). 

Mixing immiscible liquids is a process which results in the production of emulsions and is typically resorted to in the cosmetics industry (creams, mascara…), food industry and specialty chemicals (ink, paint…).

Our reactors/dispersers are the ideal tool for homogenization operations or for the production of emulsions and pasty products. They are equipped with various counter-rotating agitation devices which avoid the creation of vortices which would be detrimental to the mixing process.

Our mixers for high-viscosity products

Agitation devices are selected depending on the properties of the fluids to be mixed and on the type of emulsion desired.

Our agitation systems are designed to provide an optimum combination of circulation, turbulence and shearing determined by your specific application. Shearing action for example is a very important parameter if very small diameter emulsion globules are sought for.

Finally, in the case of applications which require heat transfer, the choice of agitation device is just as important as the design of the vessel itself. In this case, our  reactors/dispersers are designed to ensure quick turnover of particles that come into contact with the heat exchange surfaces. Agitation devices will thus be chosen which ensure very good circulation of the fluid within the vessel, good tangential flow along the walls of the vessel as well as increased turbulence in this area.
For this type of application, we can design and supply all the skids you require: cold water, hot water, superheated water, steam…

The mixing of liquids is frequently resorted to in the following industries: cosmetics industryfood industrychemical industry...

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