Facade renders and dry mortar mixing

Products manufactured for the building industry require precise formulation and a very homogeneous mix.

There is a vast range of exterior wall coating products on the market both for newly erected buildings and for renovation purposes used for waterproofing, insulation, protection, decoration…

Facade renders and dry mortar mixing

The following are some examples of such products:

  • one coat exterior wall coatings which can be colored with pigments or made lighter with the use of light expanded extenders
  • final decorative finish for external Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS)
  • lime plaster/stucco
  • restoration mortars
  • interior decorative coatings
  • decorative coatings in paste form
  • flexible fillers reinforced with fibers in paste form
  • mineral wool based spray-applied systems for thermal insulation

These products come in dry mortar or ready-to-use paste form.

Our mixers for dry mortars and renders

Our intensive blade mixers for batch processes are widely used for these applications due to their high performance and robust design.
When combined with our Clean In Place (CIP) system, this solution is ideal for mixing colored products while avoiding cross-contamination between batches.
Mortars which are referred to as “dust-free” can be manufactured by incorporating our liquid spraying system to the mixer.

Our intensive blade mixers for continuous processes are used for more specific applications such as adding a binder to stone wool for thermal insulation systems.

Our ribbon mixers are used to make premixes which will later become part of the final formulation of a product. These ribbon mixers perform pre-homogenization prior to introduction of these active elements in the main extender.

Our reactors/dispersers produce ready-to-use exterior wall coatings by dispersing solid extenders in a liquid binder. The flexibility of our solutions means that products with very different rheological properties can be manufactured using the same machine: exterior wall coatings, tile adhesives in paste form or waterproofing coatings.