Intensive mixers

Our range of intensive blade mixers are equipped with patented PHR (Profile Helical Reversed) blades which guarantee extremely high performance and fully optimized processes.
These intended mixers are intended for the mixing of dry powders and granules - the shape of our PHR blades creates a tri-dimensional movement of the various particles in the vessel resulting in very short dispersion time.

Our range is divided into two categories:
    -  mixers for batch processes
    -  mixers for continuous processes

These two models share the same basic design: horizontal vessel and a shaft equipped with PHR blades. Both models come with the choice of two discharge systems.
A wide range of options enable you to personalize our basic configurations depending on your specific requirements. For example:

Our machines can be manufactured from a wide range of materials and designed in accordance with your ATEX classification.


Intensive mixer for batch processIntensive mixer for batch process


The performance of our MIB blade mixers for batch processes means that products with very low dilution coefficients can be used – approx. 10 PPM (e.g. dilution of 10 g of additives in 1000 kg of raw material). Adding side high speed choppers (extra agitators) with high efficiency blades guarantees exceptional mixing quality.
The capacity of our standard MIB models ranges from 35 to 11500 liters.


2 alternative discharge options are available for our batch process blade mixers:

  • Drop-bottom discharge - : best performance in terms of cycle time and minimizes product remaining in the mixer – the bottom of the vessel opens completely.
  • Discharge gate - : more economical alternative which is ideal when there is little change in formulation from one process to another.

Our  intensive blade mixers for batch processes are used in numerous industrial applications such as: explosives, metallic powders, friction materials, exterior wall coatings, ceramic tile adhesives - CTA, hydraulic waterproofing mortars, the food industry, animal feeds...

Intensive mixer for continuous processes


Continuous mixing processes are used for large production campaigns and are particularly suited to processes that involve a limited number of components. Materials to be mixed are fed into the mixer on a continuous basis and without interruption.
The output of our standard MIC models ranges from 1 to 640m3/h.

2 alternative discharge options are available for our continuous process blade mixers:

  • Direct discharge -: the blades push the mix backwards and forwards along the length of the mixer and create differential pressure which gradually eases the product through the vessel.
  • Overflow discharge - : the position of the overflow gate determines the volume of product contained in the mixer. This entails complete control over the amount of time the product stays in the vessel. The product is discharged via an overflow gate located at the extremity of the vessel.

Our  intensive blade mixers for continuous processes are used in many industrial applications such as: treatment of contaminated soil, mines and quarries, building materials, animal feeds...

As well as these standard industrial blade mixers, we can also design and manufacture ‘tailor-made’ solutions to meet your specific needs.


Mélangeur intensif à pales
Intensive mixer with blades
Intensivmischer mit schaufelmischwerkzeugen
Mezcladores intensivos con apas
СмеСители С лопатками интенСивного дейСтвия